Welcome to Esanjo
Welcome to Esanjo
Aamir Kassim

Welcome to Esanjo

1 min read - Last updated Nov 12, 2016

This is part of our Onboarding series.

Welcome to Esanjo!

Hello and Welcome!

So you’ve passed our incredible interview process, signed off on the legalese and you’re finally ready to go!

This is a series about how things work at Esanjo. Think of it as an insider’s guide to making the best of your life at Esanjo.

Before we get started, it’s important to understand that we do things a touch differently at Esanjo to what you may be typically used to. This may mean unlearning what you’ve learnt or may have gotten used to in your previous work life.

For best results, it’s a really good idea to have a read through the entire series from start to finish.

This guide will change from time to time as we evolve and change both as individuals as well as a business. Consider this to be a living document of how things stand at a given moment in time.