Refer Talent to Esanjo
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Refer Talent to Esanjo
Aamir Kassim

Refer Talent to Esanjo

1 min read - Last updated Feb 7, 2018

Refer Talent to Esanjo


We’re always on the look out for great talent and we’ve put together a nice scheme to reward any internal and external references who we end up hiring.

We’ll pay $2000 for Engineering hires and $1000 for hires into other teams.

External References

If you’d like to be part of our referral programme, fill in our beautiful Referral Form and upload your referral’s CV. If we end up hiring them, we’ll reach out and co-ordinate your reward.

As we’re building a globally remote team, we’re looking for amazing individuals anywhere in the world!

Internal References

Please refer anyone that you think may be interested to Careers and drop a message to @aamir on Slack!

The Fine Print

We pay out rewards once a hired individual has completed three months at Esanjo.