How we handle Expenses
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How we handle Expenses
Aamir Kassim

How we handle Expenses

2 min read - Last updated Jan 22, 2018

One Golden Rule

We have one golden rule about spending at Esanjo, please treat company money as if it were your own. You can claim anything back that is a company related expense (i.e: travel, meetings, calls and so on - please keep a receipt for everything!). Anything above a USD 50 limit will need pre-approval from the Finance team.

How do I make a claim?

We’ve tried to make this easy and keep it simple to get it up and running.

For all expense claims, we’ve got a parent folder set up on Google Drive that the Finance team have access to called: Expense Claims 201819. Each person will have their own sub folder within, designated by their name. It is important that you keep this folder organised.

Every month, please create a new folder using the naming convention “Month Year”, for example “January 2018” and upload any bills together with any related documents for an expense that you’d like to claim.

Please upload any claims by the 24th of every month ping the @financeall team in the #finance Slack channel with a quick heads up. Any claims uploaded after the 24th will be settled in the following month.

Requesting pre-approvals

If you need pre-approval for an expense please upload your quotes to this folder, Pre-Approvals and add the details to the Google sheet called Pre-Approval Requests (we’ve split the sheet between regular expenses and assets) that you’ll find within. Please number your quotes so that they correspond to the sheet and ping the @financeall team in the #finance Slack channel with a heads up.

As with most things we’ll experiment with these processes and will iterate them as we go along.

Travel and Expense Guidelines

Awesome, you’re on your first business trip and you’re looking up what our guidelines are for expensing. We want to keep it extremely simple - just follow our golden rule above!

If you’re booking flights and hotels it’s best if you run it by the #admin team, who will aid you in making your bookings. If you’re visiting a city with Uber, reach out to the admin team and ask for access to our Uber business account. We also have a Airbnb travel account - you guessed it - ask for an invite.