How we do Leave
Omar Kassim

How we do Leave

2 min read - Last updated Jan 28, 2018

Unlimited Leave

We have an unlimited leave policy. Take as many days off as you want.

Applying for Leave

Apply for leave using BambooHR. Your reporting manager will approve your leave on the basis of operational requirements.

Sick Leave

See Unlimited Leave.


If you’re based in the UAE, the UAE’s labour law mandates that each individual is to be given thirty (30) days leave. If you sadly decide to leave the organisation, we unfortunately won’t compensate you for any unused leave. We also won’t rollover any leave across financial years.

If you’re based elsewhere, unless prescribed otherwise by law, you have unlimited leave.

Public Holidays

If you’re asked to work on a public holiday you will be paid an additional compensation multiplier of 0.75x on top of your compensation for that day.

Working on Holidays

Every country has statutory holidays and who doesn’t like that! At Esanjo we work hard and play hard so we want you to make the best of your holiday and return to work refreshed and raring to go. There will be times though that you’ll choose to work on a holiday - maybe to meet a deadline or to just get through some work that’s been sitting in your ‘to do’ list for way too long.

Esanjo reimburses people who work on holidays at a rate of 0.75 so we need to be able to track your holiday work.

To make life easier Omar has integrated all of our holidays to #whereabouts so we’ll know at a glance who’s going to be away. If you are working on a holiday just sign in a usual and we’ll track you via the channel. Make sure that your Lead knows that you’ll be working on a holiday.

Don’t forget, only the holidays in the country that you’re working from apply to you!

Working Hours

We practice a five day, 0900 to 1800 work week, but in reality we work as hard as we need to in order to get stuff done. Work hard, play harder.

Flexible Hours & Working Remote

Given that we’re building a remote organisation, it’s up to you whether you’d like to head into Esanjo HQ (if you’re based in the UAE and can do so!) or to a co-working / shared workspace.

We think it is incredibly important to come into your closest Esanjo office (more coming soon!) and interact with your fellow Esanjoers. We do however, understand that everyone has lives to live and may need flexibility around work.