Sushila De Silva


2 min read - Last updated Aug 20, 2018


Every country has its own statutory holidays and we want you to enjoy yours! At Esanjo we work hard and play hard so we want people to make the best of their holidays and return to work refreshed and raring to go. We update holidays for the following year during the last two weeks of December.

Updating holidays

As we onboard more and more remote team members from around the world, we need to make sure that the holidays of those countries are added to our platforms. The first step is adding the holidays to BambooHR. When you enter a new holiday, BambooHR allows you to select exactly who it applies to. The ‘Who’s Out’ feed will show everyone their holidays based on their job locations. Unfortunately BambooHR doesn’t yet allow us to see other countries’ holidays on our individual feeds - people based out of Dubai only see holidays in Dubai, people based out of Colombo only see holidays in Sri Lanka and so on.

This means adding the holidays to Google calendar as well. A neat little integration with Slack updates #whereabouts daily on company holidays letting everyone know who’ll be away.

Don’t forget, only the holidays in the country that you’re working out of apply to you!

Working on holidays

There will be times that you’ll choose to work on a holiday - maybe to meet a deadline or to just get through some work that’s been sitting in your ‘to do’ list for way too long.

Esanjo reimburses people who work on holidays at a rate of 0.75. If you are working on a holiday, you need to let People Operations know so they can add you to the holiday sheet. Finance checks the sheet at the end of each month and calculates any extra holiday pay.

If you are working on a holiday just sign in a usual. Make sure that your Lead knows that you’ll be working on a holiday especially if they themselves are off.