Custom Business Cards
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Custom Business Cards
Aamir Kassim

Custom Business Cards

1 min read - Last updated Jan 15, 2018

How to get business cards!

This is simple to start. We’ve created a Google Sheet that anyone with an address can access.

  1. Look for your name on the list, or add it to the end.
  2. Choose the background colour of your business card. We’ve got a list of colours and hex values in the bottom left corner.
  3. You may notice on bottom of both cards, one includes a social profile and the other includes a personal message. You can EITHER choose your most active social profile or if you can think of something clever in 15 characters or less, write a personal message. Mine says : “hello. hodl” - Remember you can only choose one of the options. You will not get two separate business cards! Choose wisely. Be wise. Always.
  4. Fill out the information in the other columns.
  5. Re-check that all the information is correct. Re-check. Again. Please.

Please try and follow the format that the person above you has used. Scroll up a few more lines just to be totally safe.

If you’re based remotely your cards will be printed in Dubai (woohoo!) and will be magically shipped out to you!