Weekly Call Update
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Weekly Call Update
Aamir Kassim

Weekly Call Update

2 min read - Last updated Oct 16, 2017

We run our calls every week on a Tuesday at 11AM UAE time, The call currently takes place on Slack and is usually run by me (Aamir) giving a general weekly update with what’s going on. Following the call notes are put up on the #general channel on Slack.

Changes to the call Structure from June onwards:

This has been pulled from a Slack Message that was updated on the 26th of June

The new structure will see each of heads of departments (I know, sounds so formal!) give a few minutes update of what their team has been working on. However, it is also encouraged to let someone from your team get a chance to give us an update on some weeks. This way; it allows more of us to participate and interact with each other and share cool things each team has been doing every week. It doesn’t need to be long; but please try and prepare for the call (something I admit, that I need to do better myself!)

The call will start with me (@Aamir) and follow the following order:

  • 💰 Finance Update (@shihan)
  • 🖥️ Engineering Update (@jobin)
  • ✏️ Product Update (@karlo)
  • 🙍 People Ops Update (@sushila)
  • 👍 General Updates (@aamir or @omar)
  • ❓ Other Updates (this will evolve in the future; with more updates as our teams grow geographically, as well as we integrate current teams in Esanjo, i.e al bogari)

Thanks everyone, apologies for the late notice! Let’s keep on improving!