Our Core Values
Our Core Values
Omar Kassim, Aamir Kassim

Our Core Values

3 min read - Last updated Jan 28, 2018

What is this?

This describes Esanjo’s 13 Core Values. Values that we organise, govern and live by at Esanjo. Our core values originate from when we founded JadoPado and we continue to live by the same code regardless of what we do next.

Each Core Value will be described and discussed in turn, internally from time to time. Core Values aren’t prescriptive and need to be understood, discussed and amended as appropriate.

Who is it for?

Absolutely everyone at Esanjo. This is a must read. The values described below should appear anywhere and everywhere where we may need them to, but mostly in how and what we do.

The Values

Our values aren’t something that we print out and hang in our conference rooms. We live by these values, we breathe these values, our decision making, the things we do every day are governed by these values. This is the Esanjo Way.

1. Transparency and Trust

We’re truly transparent, which means we share information, help each other out, trust each other and trust others. We do what is best for each other. Our discussions are public by default, private only if necessary.

2. Casual, but not Informal

We’re easy going, flexible and dress well, but we’re never sloppy, late or unreliable. We’re serious about what we do and we do it well.

3. Either do it Really Well, or Don’t

We know what we’re good at and we do it to the best of our abilities, or we don’t do it. Life is too short for half measures.

4. Customer Passion

We’re aware of our competition, but we focus passionately on our customers. We work hard to understand what they want and then do our absolute best to give it to them.

5. Curious as Cats

We are never done learning. We’re curious about new ideas and inventing ways to make things better.

6. We Cannibalise

We’re not afraid to take something that works and tear it apart to make something bigger and bolder. We take big bets and try our best to pull them off. No matter what the odds may be.

7. Think Big, Act Fast

Small is small. Big is better. Speed matters.

8. Ownership & Accountability

We never say that’s not my job. We act on behalf of each other and take responsibility when something does not go the way we want it to.

9. Less is More

We accomplish more with less. Our constraints yield resourcefulness, which we use to prioritise and focus relentlessly. We say no a lot more than we say yes.

10. Brutal Feedback

We don’t do each other a disservice by not saying what we really think. We use honesty to disagree with each other, to challenge each other, even when it is uncomfortable and tiring. Once we decide, we commit fully together.

11. Leadership

The inability to decide is far worse than taking a bad decision. We have conviction and are tenacious. We believe that leaders build leaders.

12. Listen, then Speak

We listen attentively and speak candidly. We are humble and self-critical, even when it may be uncomfortable and embarrassing.

13. Results

We focus on delivering the right outcomes, on time. In the face of setbacks, we analyse, adjust and re-commit.