The Esanjo Way
Omar Kassim
Omar Kassim
Chief Executive Officer Esanjo

How we work at Esanjo

We’re very big believers in the right culture and working with like-minded people. At the same time, we’re opinionated, don’t really like events (but are happy to come out on occasion) and will do anything that we can to get out of the the curse that is meetings. We love building stuff that people find useful, but more importantly also make them feel happy. We like interesting things, don’t like administrative stuff, but also like being organised. Our vision is to build an interesting, growing and profitable business.

Esanjo is a great place to do engaging work with incredible people, off the wall ideas and plenty of room for experimentation. If you like uncertainty and recognise that the only real constant is change, give us a look.

Over the last few years, we realised that most organisations build policies for what we like to call “the 2%”, those individuals who have a tendency towards disruption and therefore need rules to govern their organisational behaviour. Unfortunately this leads to long documents that no one reads (until there’s a problem) and a complicated set of policies that the other 98% have to live by. More rules is rarely, if ever, the right solution.

We deliberately decided that we’re building an organisation that is based on trust, transparency and accountability. You’ll either love the way we work, or you won’t. There typically isn’t a middle ground. We do things really well or we don’t. We push hard to bring the right individuals to the table and measure them on outcomes rather than hours worked (or run inane reports on how many hours you spent signed into your machine yesterday).

After exiting our last business, we realised that we need to continuously codify our collective knowledge to be able to build an effective, globally distributed organisation. The result is a living, breathing handbook that describes how we run and work at Esanjo.

Contained within, you’ll find all the policies, processes and bits of work knowledge that we use at Esanjo, representing many years of thinking, research and experience as well as some serious introspection. It isn’t perfect, but we think it’s a great starting point.

We’re open sourcing all of it, so please feel free to fork it and use anything or everything and modify for your situation as you see fit. We hope that by publishing openly, other businesses can benefit from our research and make their own policies more inclusive. If you feel like we should amend, edit or add something, anyone can contribute via a pull request to our repo.

If all of this sound like a place where you’d like to work, we’re usually hiring. Check out our current openings at Esanjo.

Omar Kassim


Thank you to the GitLab Team for inspiring us with their incredible handbook) as well as the team at Clef for bringing structure to our thought process.

Absolutely everyone on the Esanjo (and previously the JadoPado) team. You’ve been patient during our trials, and joyous during our triumphs. Onwards.